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Ballett Hip Hop

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DANCE Adult BalletClass

Adult Ballet

Known as the “foundation” of learning other dance forms, ballet promotes flexibility and better posture while it sculpts, strengthens, and tones the body. Ballet also develops poise and grace. Instructor Rebecca Hansen.

Tuesday     6:30-7:25p     $45/month
Currently offered as combo class with Hip Hop & Jazz.

DANCE Adult Hip Hop Jazz

Adult Hip Hop & Jazz

Energetic and dynamic-Hip Hop was formerly known as “jazz funk”. It originated in the 1970’s and continues to evolve with its styles of popping, locking, and breaking. From the styles of Fred Astaire in movies to Bob Fosse in theatrical productions to the popping movements of break dancing in the streets, Jazz dance offers a broad scope of creative and innovative movement to a variety of music. Instructor Rebecca Hansen.

Thursday     7:30-8:25p     $45/month

DANCE Tap Class

Adult Tap Dance

Blend fun with fitness! Always wanted to make music with your feet? Tap classes for absolute beginners and experienced tap dancers. Instructor Rebecca Hansen.

Wednesday    6:30-7:25p     $45/month     Beginner
Thursday         6:30-7:25p     $45/month    Intermediate/Advanced

Ballet Hip Hop Tap

Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance

Join us for our 4th annual Thriller Dance Season!