DANCE 2 Studio

605-332-3700  Dance Ballroom & Studio  140 N Carla Ave in Tea SD

Reservation, Payment & Cancelation Policy

It is our mission to assist everyone in meeting their goals and timelines to the best of our ability.  We understand that everyone's time is valuable and as such the following policies are set and followed. 

If it becomes necessary to cancel or cancel/reschedule your lesson, please do us the courtesy of providing at least 48 hours notice by calling us directly at 605 332 3700 (no texts or emails).  Cancellations or cancellation/reschedules with less than 48 hours notice are NOT refundable regardless of the nature of the cancellation.  In support of our ability to realistically manage and maintain our standards of quality instruction, we are unable to accommodate multiple requests for cancellation or reschedules.