DANCE 2 Studio

605-332-3700  Dance Ballroom & Studio  140 N Carla Ave in Tea SD


1. Entrance to and from the building will be on a one way basis. Entrance will be at the west door (main door) and exits from the east door (from small studio).

2. All staff, students, and anyone else (as mentioned in #3) occupying the building will be required to wear a properly fitted mask. The studio will not be providing masks - everyone will need to provide their own.
The studio will have a few on hand for sale on an emergency basis; however if this becomes habitual or excessive we will have to seek other alternatives or solutions.

3. Other than staff and students, no additional people will be allowed in the building with a few exceptions:
a) Dance FUNdamentals or PreBallet students may have one adult escort to assist them to prepare for class on an “as needed” basis. The time the escort spends in the building should be kept to a minimum and once their dancer is ready for class, must leave the building. Same escort may re-enter the building the last few minutes to pick up their dancer – again to assist them in getting ready to depart.
b) New students age 6+may have an adult escort on their first visit only the same reasons. The time that adult escorts spend in the building should be kept to a minimum and once their dancer is ready for class must leave the building. Upon conclusion of class the same escort should wait for their dancer just outside the building for pick up. After the first visit, we feel students should be able to independently enter the building, prepare for class, and exit after without supervision as it's no different than going to school.

4. Social distancing will be practiced as space and logistics allows. We request that parents formally discuss with their dancers in taking responsibility to assist us with social distancing as well. In addition, to improve the efficiency of transitioning in, around, and out of the studio, we strongly encourage parents to coach dancers to perform tasks quickly and efficiently when it comes to hanging up coats, changing clothes & shoes, storing belongings, etc.

5. To preserve the space needed for social distancing in the common areas, dancers should bring their dance bags, water bottles, valuables, and purses in with them to class and turn cell phone to silent. Other belongings such as coats, boats, hats have designated cubbies & hooks for storing these items.

6. Most class time slots are staggered to allow 10 minutes between classes for transitioning students to/from classrooms to maximize social distancing and avoid crowding.

7. Especially during the first few weeks of classes, parents should remain in their vehicle at the studio to ensure their dancer isn't having any issues with separation anxiety, their mask, etc. That way if your dancer IS having a problem, we can call you to assist them.

8. Any parents planning to leave the studio premises while their child is in class should wait for the first 5-10 minutes of the class before departing to be sure their child has been cleared from having a fever. See #9.

9. Touchless infrared thermometers will be located in each classroom to check for fevers. Staff will check their own temperatures upon arrival. At the start of each class, teachers will check each student's temperature (while social distancing) Anyone found to have a fever will be requested to promptly go home.

10. Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers will be located in the common areas and in each classroom.

11. Touchless hand soap dispensers will be installed in both restrooms.

12. Touchless (pedal driven) covered trash cans will be installed in restrooms and in common areas.

13. All commonly touched areas and equipment will be sanitized as needed.

14. Some classes will be hosted simultaneously with Zoom to accommodate those students whom wish to participate in Zoom classes only at this time. The studio may opt to simultaneously Zoom some classes for the purposes of providing makeups for missed classes. See #15.

15. In the past, students have been able to make up missed classes in another class; however this policy will likely have to be revised with respect to maintaining class sizes , social distancing, and minimizing building occupancy. More details to come.

16. Internet is going to be installed for the following purposes only: As details become available for accessing these features, they will be provided to you. FYI – The internet we're having installed is intended for ONLY the following services and not for surfing pleasure at this time.

a. Providing the capability for parents to observe classes remotely on their PC or Smartphone via the software and camera system that we have installed. More details to follow if not already provided. OR via Zoom. More details to follow.

b. Accommodating & recording Zoom classes if/when necessary.

17. Knowing that some do not prefer Zoom we want to make you aware that pending enrollment, we speculate a few classes may need to be paired with Zoom on a rotation basis. Reason being - in review of the new schedule format with the CDC guideline adaptions as they relate to our typical “supply and demand” there's the potential for enrollment in select classes to exceed capacity which, under normal circumstances we can manage in other ways. We know too that many of our students' schedules have little/no flexibility and rely on registering for a certain class/day (or there's no alternate class to choose from). Under the circumstances, after exploring all options to these challenges, the only feasible solution is to supplement with Zoom rotation. This will allow us to accommodate everyone without having to divert or turn anyone away. If Zoom rotation becomes necessary, we will try to keep the rotation frequency as low as possible. You will be notified if/when this occasion arises and would be given ample notice.


1. Since parents & guests will not be able to be in the building to assist their dancers , the advantages of dancers being able to independently do the following tasks cannot be stressed enough:
a. Quickly & efficiently removing coat, shoes, boots, etc. and storing them properly.
b. Putting on their dance shoes and securing/tying them.
c. Dressing for dance (though it's strongly recommend coming to studio already dressed in dance attire).
d. Responsibly keep track of belongings.
e. Use the restroom, flush toilet, wash & dry hands responsibly and properly.
f. Use hand sanitizer responsibly.
g. Blow/clean their nose properly (which should only be done in restroom since it involves removing mask).
h. Know how to wear their mask properly.
I. Not experience separation anxiety.
j. Ability to differentiate between urgent and non-urgent restroom needs.

2. Dancers without shoes will NOT be able to participate in class and will be asked to sit & observe. Loaner shoes will not be available.

3. All dancers, staff and anyone else occupying the building will be required to wear a properly fitted mask at all times. To assure all dancers are able to wear a mask comfortably and with no disruption to their enjoyment of class participation, we strongly urge all dancers to practice wearing a mask at home while dancing (if practical to do so) or similar activity for acclimation purposes. We recommend wearing masks that loop around the ears – those are more practical for dancers. FYI – there are some easy hacks on YouTube addressing the problem of glasses fogging up when wearing masks.

4. All dancers should arrive to the studio already dressed in their dance attire.

5. Hair should definitely be styled AND sprayed according to dress code so it stays secure and doesn't interfere with mask or dancer's ability to focus and participate enjoyably in class.

6. Students in Hip Hop or Lyrical classes are encouraged to wear long sleeves so their skin is minimally exposed to the floor. No bare legs either – all students should be wearing tights, leggings, or jazz pants.

7. It has always been recommended for All students to use the restroom at home BEFORE coming to dance for a variety of reasons and especially now with Covid. Our studio does NOT have a dressing room so the two restrooms we have often get used as dressing rooms. So if/when possible, please dress for dance at home!

8. All dance attire should be laundered after each wearing.

9. Absences should be kept to a minimum. Typically students have been able to make up missed classes in other classes; however with reduced class sizes and social distancing measures in place this is likely not a viable option for now. We are currently working on alternatives (probably Zoom) so more information coming later. In the meantime we encourage all students to keep the best attendance possible.

10. If student needs to remove their mask for blowing their nose or any other reason, they should use the restroom for this.

11. Anyone with any flu like symptoms should not under any circumstances, attend dance classes or enter the building.