DANCE 2 Studio

605-332-3700  Dance Ballroom & Studio  140 N Carla Ave in Tea SD


1. Entrance to and from the building will be on a one way basis.  Emter building at the west door (main entrance) and exit out of the east door (from the small studio).

2. Wearing of masks will be on a discretionary basis.  The studio does not provide masks.

3. Parents are welcome to observe classes on a limited basis and with limited occupancy.

4. Social distancing will be practiced as space and logistics allows. We request that parents formally discuss with their dancers in taking responsibility to assist us with social distancing as well. In addition, to improve the efficiency of transitioning in, around, and out of the studio, we strongly encourage parents to coach dancers to perform tasks quickly and efficiently when it comes to hanging up coats, changing clothes & shoes, storing belongings, etc.

5. To preserve the space needed for social distancing in the common areas, dancers should bring their dance bags, water bottles, valuables, and purses in with them to class and turn cell phone to silent. Other belongings such as coats, boats, hats have designated cubbies & hooks for storing these items.

6. Ballet barres will be sanitized each class and other commonly touched areas will be sanitized as needed and/or daily. 

7.  Any parents planning to leave the studio premises while their child is in class should wait for the first 5-10 minutes of the class before departing to be sure their child has been cleared from having a fever. See #9.

8. At the start of each class, teachers will check their own temperature and that of all students with a touchless infrared thermometer.   Anyone found to have a fever will be requested to promptly go home.

9. There are touchless hand sanitizer dispensers with medical grade hand sanitizer in the common areas and each classroom.