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Dress Code for Youth Classes

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What do I need to wear?
Like any other activity, investing in some equipment is necessary.  Dancer’s equipment is simple - dancewear and dance shoes – that’s it.  The dancewear (usually a leotard and tights) is fitted to the body to provide dancers with optimal comfort while allowing the instructor the ability to view the students body to assure correct execution of movement.  Dance shoes are the most important piece of equipment and should be properly fitted to assure student’s correct and safe execution of footwork. Required dancewear and appropriate shoes for each dance genre are listed below.  

Where do I get dancewear?
We recommend getting your dancewear and shoes from “The Dance Line” located in the Southway Shopping Center strip mall across from Dairy Queen on South Minnesota Avenue.  Their address is 2115 S MINNESOTA AVE.  Phone number is 335-8242.   Hours are Mon-Fri-Sat 10-5 and Tue-Wed-Thurs 10-7.  Summer hours vary so call ahead.   We are very fortunate to have the convenience of a dancewear store in Sioux Falls.  And although you can purchase dancewear at retail stores and online, we strongly recommend purchasing your dancewear from Dance Line for many reasons.  There, you will receive personalized, friendly, and knowledgeable advice on the fitting and care of quality name brand dancewear and shoes.  Plus, they keep an updated file of our studio’s dancewear requirements and preferences so your visit is simple and easy to ensure your time and money is not wasted.

What else do I need to know regarding dancewear?
* To avoid loss or mix up, student’s name should be on all dancewear – especially shoes. 

* For safety reasons dance shoes should NEVER be worn outside or any other place other than inside the studio.

* Dancewear and dance shoes can be purchased with a reasonable amount of growth room.  Items that are unreasonably too big can post a safety hazard.  

* Dancewear should be kept out of the reach of pets as they like to chew or eat dancewear.  

Required dancewear for each dance genre:
WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE THE “DANSKIN NOW” SLIPPERS FROM TARGET OR WALMART.  THEY ACTUALLY ARE BEDROOM SLIPPERS AND ARE NOT MEANT FOR DANCE.  ANY STUDENTS WITH THESE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO WEAR THEM AS THEY ARE TOO DANGEROUS TO WEAR FOR DANCE. Extra items such as skirts, tutus, and legwarmers are not recommended for young children. If a student has these items, they can be worn only on the last lesson of each month or at the instructor’s discretion.  Dance sweaters are acceptable and may be worn during the winter months for added warmth.

For females: Assigned class leotard (see chart below), pink ballet tights, & pink ballet slippers.
For males:  Black ballet tights, plain short sleeved T shirt, & black ballet slippers.

ASSIGNED CLASS LEOTARDS (without attached skirt or tutu) :
Dance Fundamentals I & 2: Light pink tank styled leotard
Ballet I and I/2:  Light blue tank styled leotard
Ballet 2/3: Lilac tank styled leotard

Same as ballet.

For females: Any colored tank leotard, black jazz pants, & black jazz shoes.
For males: black jazz pants, plain short sleeved T shirt, & black jazz shoes.

For females: Any colored tank leotard, tights or leggings or shorts or black jazz pants, and black tap shoes (w/ short heel). Female students may wear the same dancewear worn for ballet with a pair of jazz pants or plain shorts worn over the top of their leotard and tights if they so choose, along with their tap shoes.
For males, black jazz pants, plain short sleeved T shirt, & black tap shoes.

How should I wear my hair?
How a student wears their hair in dance class is important - mostly for safety reasons.  A pony tail can whip a dancer in the eyes or even cause imbalance resulting in a fall.  Therefore, hair should be worn up and away from face and eyes and “adhered” to the head. Females should wear their hair in a bun whenever possible. There are several easy to follow instructional videos on You Tube on how to do this quickly, easily, and with good results. There are also some bun “gadgets” that make it quick and easy to form a secure bun.  For hair not long enough to make into a bun:  Medium hair should be pulled into a pony tail (if long enough) and secured to the head with clips and/or a headband.  Short hair can be secured away from the face with clips and/or headband.
For males, hair should be trimmed, groomed, and sprayed so it stays in place, out of the eyes, and away from the face.   
* For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that dancers not wear any watches, jewerly, or any accessories that may compromise a dancer's safety or ability to concentrate.