DANCE 2 Studio

605-332-3700  Dance Ballroom & Studio  140 N Carla Ave in Tea SD

Youth Program Enrollment



Enrollment Form & Class Schedule

Printer Friendly version:  Enrollment Form Youth Classes .pdf

Printer Friendly version:  Youth Class Schedules .pdf

  • All classes subject to change/cancellation pending enrollment
  • All classes excused 2-5 minutes before times listed on schedule.
  • Class placement based on student's ability using age as a guideline. 

Fee Information

   $25 registration fee (per student)

Note: All amounts include sales tax

   30 minute class  $40/month 
   45 minute class  $45/month 
   60 minute class  $50/month 
   75 minute class  $55/month                                                   90 minute class $60/month

Discounts for multiple classes & multiple family members! (scroll down for examples)

Methods of payment: Automatic withdrawal, check, or cash.                              

Pay per semester and receive 5% off.  Pay per year and receive 10% off!               Some restrictions apply. 

 Discounts for Multiple Classes & Multiple Family Members

To figure discount, take the first digit of each class price and add them together – the sum of these will be your discount!  Then, subtract the discount from the total to get discounted total.  Some conditions apply - see Policy/FAQs page.

 Multiple Class Discount Example           Multiple Family Member Discount Example

Mona Ballet   $50.00                 Mona Ballet


Mona Tap +$40.00 Lisa Tap + $40.00
Total   $90.00 Art Tap + $40.00
Discount - $ 9.00 Total  $130.00 
New Total   $81.00 Discount -$  13.00
New Total  $117.00