DANCE Ballroom & Studio

605-332-3700     DANCE 2 at 140 N Carla in Tea     South Dakota

Upcoming Events at DANCE
Events held at DANCE 2, 140 N Carla in Tea, South Dakota 

"SOS" April 23 & 30 ~1:30 to 2:45

Jitterbug SOS- Swing On Sundays

1:30p  Novice/Intermediate Lesson
2:15p  Dancing to THE Best Swing Dance Music

Single Rythm Swing!  Rock step, step, step.. Learn the easy basics of this must do dance, then practice dance for some FUN! $29pp~2 lessons



West Coast Swing on Sundays

 Beginner/Intermediate West Coast Swing Dance Lesson

Dance to some great music as you learn a dance that's popular around the country.

Feel the beat in your feet...join us for the fun!


May 19

Special Date~Sock Hop DANCE Lesson & Party !

Lesson 7:30 ~ DANCE till 9pm $12pp 

It's time to take your date out for the evening.  Or enjoy an evening with your friends. Put your socks on and dance to some kool Swing music. Everybody's dancing at the hop hop hop.....pure Fun Fun Fun

It doesn't have to cost a fortune for an evening of FUN! Learn some basic dance steps then join us for some dancing to "great" music. Bring your date and ALL your friends!