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Dance Policies

Studio Policy/FAQ's for Youth Classes

Printer Friendly version:  Studio Policy/ Frequently Asked Questions .pdf (2 pages)

Our policies are established to ensure the ability to consistently provide impeccable service.  Since many of our patrons are children, the policies are intended to uphold our commitment to provide them with an environment that is conducive to optimum levels of development, enjoyment and above all, safety.
HOW LONG DO CLASSES RUN?  Classes are offered with a format to provide students with a continuum from September through May.  Though not required, we highly recommend attending classes for this duration as it provides students with the continuity required to optimize progression and establish a solid foundation.
DO YOU HAVE RECITALS? HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? Recitals are typically held toward or at the end of the school year and are very affordable.  Because our objectives differ from other studios, we are able to present a memorable show that compliments the students and pleases audiences at a fraction of the cost, so spending hundreds dollars and hours is not necessary.  Our recital objectives are:     
1) Focusing on the fun, challenge, and reward of working on a show and performing.  
2) Providing a reputable, affordable, and memorable venue that uniquely showcases students’ features, skills, and progress. 
3) Instilling an appreciation for dance in both performers and audience members. 
4) Remembering the show is about the dancers, not the costumes.   Costumes should complement the dancers and dances and need not be expensive to do so.      
CAN PARENTS AND OTHER GUESTS OBSERVE THE CLASS?  Observation of classes is a privilege that is allowed, provided the instructor is able to offer quality instruction by keeping the environment safe, free of disruption, and conducive to learning.  Therefore, your cooperation is respectfully requested in the following:   
1) Observers must remain in designated area only.      
2) Seating is limited – use discretion in the number of people in your party.  
3) Keep voices down and movement to a minimum.   
4) Electronic devices must be turned to silent. 
5) If you must make or take a voice call, step out of the room.
6) If a majority of your time will be spent on laptop or cell phone, please offer your seat to someone that wishes to observe the class. 
7) No gum, candy, snacks, food, or drink (other than water). 
8) Keep floors and common areas unobstructed. 
9) Do not engage any class participants while class is in session.   
CAN WE TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEO?  In the dance world it is not customary to allow photos and video to be taken in classes, nor is it a privilege to be taken lightly or for  granted.   For many reasons, permission absolutely must be obtained from the instructor prior to taking photographs or video.   If and when permission is granted, photos and/or video must be taken discreetly and without disruption to the class -  with the understanding that any/all photos and video taken will be utilized appropriately to avoid matters of consequence.   
CAN WE BRING A FRIEND OR RELATIVE TO JOIN THE CLASS AS A GUEST?  Although we are grateful for the enthusiasm, we cannot allow any person not officially enrolled in class to participate due to certain liability issues.  However, guests are always welcome to observe the class. 
DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?  Discounts are offered to Youth Program students taking multiple classes and/or to multiple family members also enrolled in the Youth Program.  The discount applies to immediate family only.  Discounts will be given on
the premise that monthly tuition is paid on time and the participant’s account remains in good standing.  Discounts do not apply to short term classes such as Moms & Tots or to Adult Dance and Fitness classes. Please refer to the Enrollment page for details on discounts
WHAT DO I NEED TO BUY FOR DANCEWEAR? Please refer to the Dress Code for specific information regarding dancewear, where to get it, and all other dancewear related information.
IS THERE A REGISTRATION FEE?  Yes, just $15.  Because enrollment is limited, a student’s placement is secured with the $15 registration fee (nonrefundable) each school year from September through May during which student must maintain an “active” status with consistent attendance and timely payments during that time period.  In the event a student does not attend classes consistently and/or make timely payments,   their status becomes “inactive” and they are dropped.  If this happens and a student wishes to resume classes, they must re-enroll and pay the registration fee again.  Read below for more information that relates to enrollment status, fees, and other terms.   
HOW MUCH ARE LESSONS - HOW AND WHEN DO WE PAY?  Tuition is priced on a per class genre/per month basis. Tuition prices and applicable discounts are listed on the website and most printed materials.  Payment is due on the first lesson of each month – we do not send out monthly bills.  Cash and checks accepted – sorry, no debit or credit cards.  Cash payments in exact amounts are appreciated.  Please make checks payable to “DANCE”. 
NOTE: Unless a student has officially dropped with written notice submitted prior to the 1st of the month, a student is considered actively enrolled and payment for a full month is expected on the first lesson.  Late or non remittance issues are dealt with on a case by case basis, although these occasions are rare.  Chronic late payments or nonpayment will result in a student acquiring an “inactive” status and being dropped.  Read below for more information that relates to enrollment status, fess, and other terms. .  
ATTENDANCE AND WHAT HAPPENS IF WE MISS A CLASS?  Prompt and consistent attendance is held in high regard in our Youth Program as that’s what helps us to provide the quality instruction and rewarding experience we aim to provide to our valued students.  Poor or sporadic attendance, which is not conducive to our goals, can result in a student’s dismissal or demotion.  We realize that late arrivals and absences such as illness, school events, or work conflicts are inevitable, so we ask that everyone do their best where attendance is concerned.  If you know in advance of an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal that will occur, please proactively inform the instructor.  With unexpected absences, please inform the instructor as soon as possible.  Missed classes can and should be made up in another class within a few weeks of when the absence(s) occurred, providing notice was given to the instructor.  Note:  To ensure quality instruction and service with competitive prices, we limit our enrollment and as such, cannot offer refunds or credit for missed classes nor can missed classes be accumulated and used as credit or payment.  If a student misses 2 or more classes with no notice to the instructor, the student will be considered “inactive”, dropped from classes, and payment will still be expected.  Missed classes due to extenuating circumstances such as extended illness, injury, or family emergency will be handled on a unique basis.  
*All students must be potty trained.
*All students must be able to participate in class without significant and/or long term separation anxiety issues. 
*Access and entrance to the studio is typically no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the first class of the day.  
*When entering, please remove shoes, coats, etc. and leave in the foyer.
*For the comfort of our patrons, please close the door between the foyer and studio when entering or leaving to keep heat or AC regulated. 
*Personal belongings should be placed in the designated areas to keep the common areas and dance floor safe and unobstructed as per fire code.  
*Dance shoes should never be worn anywhere other than the studio and especially never outside. 
*Studio not responsible for lost, stolen, or forgotten property.  
*For safety reasons, dancers should not wear jewelry or watches. 
* Student’s name should be written on any and all dance wear and shoes to avoid loss or mix up.   
*Dancers should be well rested and all bathroom needs taken care of before class.  
*The studio schedule is full and busy, so it is greatly appreciated if all students arrive/depart in a timely manner.
*Turn electronic devices to silent and use at a minimum. Step out of room for voice calls.      
*All observers including parents, siblings, and guests are asked to keep voice levels down, remain seated and avoid moving around.  Parents, please keep a watchful eye on those little ones that aren’t in class!   
*No gum, candy, snacks, food, or drink (other than water).
*Students should wear appropriate dancewear as per dress code and for safety reasons, wear hair up and away from face. 
*Remember, being able to observe classes is a privilege, so don’t spend all your time on the phone or laptop - watch your dancer thriving!   
*We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have; however it is difficult to do so between classes and remain on schedule!  Your questions or concerns can best be addressed with ample time and undivided attention during off hours.  Please call or text the instructor at 940 9663 or email to: weekdays before 3 pm.  
We thank you for considering DANCE Ballroom and Studio as your studio of choice. Our studio strives to provide an optimal learning environment with our clients’ safety, security, and comfort in mind.  We appreciate and thank you for your assistance in helping us to accomplish this by adhering to the guidelines and policies.