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Studio Policy/FAQs for Youth Classes

Since most frequently asked questions are policy related, we address them in our policies.  A majority of your questions should be answered below; however if you have additional questions, please ask.  

Because we value our Youth Program members, the policies stated were established to uphold the standards of commitment to our patrons, facilitate impeccable service, and provide an environment conducive for learning to accomplish optimal levels of safety, comfort, development, and enjoyment.  

To accomplish these tasks, we depend greatly on the parents  - our support team.  As a vital part of the support team, your awareness of and adherence to the policies will assist us in providing your child with the very best experience and greatest potential.  

Please know these policies are not out of the ordinary where dance studios are concerned; however they are significantly different from mainstream activities and organizations you may be accustomed to.  Please take a few minutes to read these policies for a clear understanding of their purpose and necessity.  



Classes are formatted to provide students wi a continuum September through May.  We highly recommend students attend for this duration to establish a solid foundation to optimize progression.  Our curriculum is no formatted for occasional or drop in attendance.

DO YOU HAVE RECITALS?  HOW MUCH DO THEY COST?            We have an annual recital in May.  And because our objectives differ greatly from other studios, our recitals are considerably less expensive.  Using the objectives below, we have the ability to present recitals that are entertaining AND affordable for dancers, parents, and guests.  

  • Creating a show that uniquely showcases the students' skills and progress.
  • Hosting the recital at a venue that's suitable and sensible. 
  • Instilling an appreciation for dance in both performers and audience members.
  • Recognizing that the show is not about the costumes - it's about the dancers. 
  • Recognizing that costumes need not be expensive.  Typically costumes cost $25.

Mandatory recital costs typically run under $50 on average.  Any costs above that are for optional purchases such as recital photos, videos, or T shirts. 

CAN PARENTS AND GUESTS OBSERVE CLASSES?  DO PARENTS HAVE TO STAY?          Parents and guests are welcome to stay and observe classes, but are not required to stay.  We do recommend parents of preschoolers stay to assist them to restroom.  Please understand that observation of classes is a privilege providing the instructor is able to conduct the classes in a productive manner and without disturbance.  below are some policy guidelines of which all students and guests are respectfully asked to follow: 

  • Seating is limited - keep the number in your party at a minimum please. 
  • Remain in designated area only. 
  • Keep voice levels down. 
  • Do not engage the dancers. 
  • Keep siblings quiet and occupied and please don't allow them to engage dancers. 
  • Food & drink (except water) ANYWHERE is greatly discouraged - it poses a safety hazard to dancers because it gets tracked onto dance floors.  Any food or drink messes MUST be cleaned up.  FYI - fingers food are the worst culprits?
  • Please keep all electronic devices (including games) to silent and when making or taking a call, please step out of the room. 
  • Per fire code, all floors and common areas are to be kept unobstructed - please use designated areas for coats, shoes, and other personal belongings. 

CAN WE TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEO?          In the dance world, this is usually prohibited for many reasons - including legal.  If you desire to photograph or video your dancer, consult with instructor FIRST for specific instructions so all bases are covered. 

CAN WE BRING A FRIEND OR RELATIVE TO JOIN THE CLASS AS A GUEST?          Due to liability issues, we unfortunately cannot allow anyone that is not officially enrolled to participate in a class.  We do appreciate the enthusiasm in wanting to share the joy of dance though!  

WHAT DO I NEED TO BUY FOR DANCE WEAR?            Please refer to the "Dress Code" flyer for specific information regarding dance wear, where to get it, and all other pertinent information.  Please know the dress code will be strictly enforced because we value the safety of our students.  In addition, we may opt to have some students wear part of their class attire as part of their recital costume, so we respectfully request you buy as per our request so the students' appearance on stage has uniformity not to mention it can save you money!

WHAT'S THE COST?          Tuition is based on September - May term which ranges from $40 - $55 per class per month (with no applied discounts) and depends on the length of the class which ranges from 30-75 minutes. We also offer unlimited classes for $249 per month (some restrictions apply).  There is a $20 non-refundable registration fee per student per enrollment term which secures a space for the student.  Our published tuition rates INCLUDE sales tax.  

DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?         Yes we do!  We offer discounts for multiple classes & family member (immediate only) and prepayments.  Discounts do NOT apply to adult classes, summer classes, camps, Moms & Tots, or short term classes.  

$4-$5 Discount (per class/per month) for multiple classes and/or family members. 

5% discount for prepaying semesters (Sep-Dec and Jan-May). 

10% discount for prepaying September - May.

WHAT ARE THE PAYMENT TERMS?          Tuition can be paid yearly (Sep-May), by semester (Sep-Dec & Jan-May), or monthly.  Payments made or the year or semester are prepaid (with applicable discount) either at the beginning of the school year or beginning of each semester.  Payments made monthly are due & payable the beginning of each month with a due date of the 10th.  Note: Our office is transitioning to eventually have all monthly payments processed via automatic withdrawal.  At time of enrollment, first month's tuition + $20 registration fee will be collected and customers will be required to fill out an authorization form for automatic withdrawals to be processed for the remaining months of the term.  Customers will be able to choose between the 1st or 10th of the month to have their withdrawals processed.  During the conversion period, we will still accept monthly payments by cash or check; however those accounts will be charged a $3 maintenance fee each month, be subject to a $10 late payment if payment not received by the 10th, and be subject to lose applicable discounts if payment is late more than twice during the enrollment period. 

WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT ARE ACCEPTED?          For the reasons of convenience, safety, being worry free, and budget friendly, we greatly encourage monthly automatic withdrawals.  Other than that, we accept cash or checks.  For safety, we do not have a till, so cash payments in exact amount are greatly appreciated. Checks should be made payable to Dance 2 and should include the students full name and what the payment is for written in the memo portion to assure proper posting.  This is especially helpful when students surname differs from the payor's surname.  Thank you.


The registration fee reserves space for a student September - May.  It is expected that students maintain an "active" status during this period.  Active status means 1) consistent attendance 2) timely payments and 3) active communication with studio.  Interruption or failure of one or more conditions converts a student into an "inactive status" and they are dropped from their class(es).  If/when the student wishes to be re-instated, they must complete the enrollment process again.  Below are additional policy terms. 

1) As long as a student is taking classes, full tuition payment is expected. 

2) All accounts are billed on a monthly billing cycle with payment expected by the 10th.  

3) No changes are made to account billing unless timely notification is received. 

4) If a student discontinues classes but doesn't notify the studio, full tuition payments are expected until notice received and acknowledged. 

5) Once notification is received changes will not take effect until the next billing cycle.  For example: Suzie is enrolled in Ballet and Tap but decides she wants to drop tap.  She gives notice on November 10.  The change to her account won't take effect until December 1 so she will still be responsible to pay for November tap. 

6) Accounts with late payments will be charged a $10 late fee.  And accounts that have more than two late payments in the same enrollment period will lose all applicable discounts. 

7) Non-payment on accounts will be dealt with on a case by case basis and in severe cases sent to collections if necessary.  In adverse or unusual situations the studio is willing to work with individuals on payment solutions as long as the lines of communication are kept open.  

8) If a student has missed classes for three weeks with no notice or communication to the studio it will be assumed the student has quit and they will be dropped from class(es); however billing will continue and account holder will still be responsible to make payments and give notice to the studio. 

9) We do not prorate tuition for missed lessons - regardless of reason.  Nor can missed classes be accumulated and used as credit towards tuition.  Students may make up missed lessons if notice was given to the studio.  Notice of absences can be given by phone, text, or email. 

10) Tuition is billed on a per school year basis (Sep-May) with the pricing based on 36 classes (4 per month X 9 months).  Due to some holidays and how the calendar falls, there will be a shortage in the number of classes typically ranging from 2-4 classes.  Since we do not prorate tuition, students may simply make up the classes they were shorted through the school year.    

11) In the unlikely event a refund is requested on a prepaid account, the studio will consider the nature of the circumstances to determine refund eligibility.  If the studio deems the circumstances to warrant a refund, the refund will be processed under the following terms.  1) Refund must be requested in writing (no texts, phone call, or email) along with an explanation of why a refund is being requested.  2) Refunds will be processed at the end of each semester 3) Refunds will be in the amount of the unused portion for each semester less a $25 per semester processing fee ($50 for a yearly prepaid account).    


Prompt and consistent attendance is paramount to a student's progression and is held in high regard. Chronically poor or sporadic attendance disrupts the momentum for both individuals and the class as a whole. Unsatisfactory attendance can result in a students demotion if they are not able to keep up.  We realize that some late arrivals and absences due to illness, school events, or work conflicts are unavoidable, so we ask that everyone do their best where attendance is concerned.  If you know in advance of an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal that will occur, please proactively notify the instructor or studio whenever possible.  With unexpected absences, please inform the instructor or studio as soon as possible.  Missed classes can and should be made up in another class within a few weeks the absence(s) occurred, providing notice was given to the instructor.  It is not mandatory for students to make up missed lessons; however it is strongly recommended so students do not fall behind.