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Social Dance

Social Dance Classes - Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shoes should I wear?  Please bring clean, dry shoes with a leather or smooth sole. Socks work great, too! You will need to be able to turn easily on the floor so your knees will be happy. We want to protect our dance floor from tar, dirt and rocks; do not wear running shoes, flip flops, spike heels or shoes with treads on the bottom. Dress comfortably- jeans to what you had on at work.
What if I can't make all the lessons?  You can still take the class! Call for details OR check out our reasonably priced Private Lessons--by appointment, seven days a week. 
What if I don't have a partner?  We welcome individuals or groups of friends who gather for our lessons and dances. As an individual, there is always an opportunity to dance with other individuals. What fun!..dancing with new friends and having a great time. After all this is social dance!
Do you have a "date night"?  Every night is date night at DANCE Ballroom & Studio! Whether it's a week night class, a private dance lesson or one of our Friday night dance parties, couples will enjoy an evening out dancing together! DANCE is a fantastic place to escape for a romantic night with someone special. Have some fun, join us!

Do you make couples switch partners?  No. We don't make people switch partners!  Instructors may give couples the opportunity to rotate if they want to practice their Lead & Follow skills to become better dancers.

What if I'm not feeling well?  Stay home and get well! Call, email ~ keep us informed. Credit from the lesson you missed can be used within one month.

Do you close when the weather is bad?  Cancellations are posted on our HOME page at this website and facebook. If at any time road conditions are unsafe for you, wherever you are, stay home and be safe. Call, email or message us ~ keep us informed. Credit from the lesson you missed can be used within one month.