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Toddler Dance Classes

Toddler & Preschool Dance Classes

Space available in selected classes. 


DANCE Preschool Dance Class

Dance FUNdamentals I (age 3-5 not in Kindergarten)

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The perfect introductory dance class for ages 3-5 who are not yet in Kindergarten. Using a fun and positive approach, an optimum learning environment is established to provide a solid foundation for dance education through the enhancement of visual, audio, and cognitive skills. Students will learn dance fundamentals, movement concepts, and musicality while working on the flexibility, strength, and stamina needed for learning all dance forms.  Preschool Dance FUNdamentals also offered during summer dance camps.


Age 3-5 Tuesday 4:00-4:30p $37/month Level 1-2
FULL/CLOSED Wednesday 6:00-6:30p $37/month Level 1
Age 3-5 Saturday 9:00-9:30a $37/month Level 1



DANCE Preschool Dance Class

Dance FUNdamentals II (age 4-5 not in Kindergarten)

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Dance FUNdamentals II for ages 4-5 that have completed Level I Dance FUNdamentals.  This class will reinforce and build on the material covered in Dance FUNdamentals I. Format of this class focuses on the refinement of movement, further development of musicality, learning specific terms, and the continual increase of flexibility, strength, and stamina. Class also emphasizes on culturing the enjoyment of dance while instilling self discipline, the desire to excel, and the reward of accomplishment.

Age 4-5 Thursday 6:00-6:30p $37/month Level 2





DANCE Toddler Class

Moms & Tots (age 12-35 months)

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A fun, interactive parent-child class (Mom, Dad or Grandparent)! During this "one on one" time, parents will have the joy and fun of helping to develop the child's motor skills, coordination, and musicality through dance movement. Class is formatted with structure and continuity, yet is flexible enough to accomodate the varied levels of development for optimal learning and fun. Using music and props with dance movement, parents will witness their child "making the connection".   Besides the physical benefits, this toddlers dance class provides the child with focus, motivation, accomplishment, and social interaction- all while simply having fun!  No registration fee required for this class.   

Classes now forming.  30 min class   $37/mth