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Swing - Jitterbug      Hey Soul Sister! - byTrain  
THIS is a need to know dance for weddings, family and corporate events, or a night on the town with your date! Whether you call it Jitterbug or Swing, this dance rocks to up-tempo contemporary, big band and country music.

West Coast Swing (WCS)   Don't - Ed Sheeran
Wildly popular across the USA, this Swing dance has been featured on So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars. WCSwing allows you to "play with the music" as you dance to contemporary sounds- FUN at the beginner and intermediate level!

East Coast Swing (ECS)    Call Me Maybe - by Carly Rae Jepsen
Born on the East Coast, a descendent of Lindy-Hop, this dance rocks to medium-tempo pop or country music. We teach this triple-rhythm dance with all the same turns and moves you'll see in Jitterbug.

Lindy Hop    Contemporary tunes (and big band oldies- if you dig it)
THE granddaddy
of all "SWING" dances! Enjoy dancing to the newest, most contemporary music (and a little music from the past).  Move to an upbeat version of a dance made famous by Big Band sound. The moves are basic, easy to learn and vary cool. 

Other Swing & related dances we teach:
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