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Dance Ballroom & Studio

Dance Ballroom & Studio

605-332-3700    Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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PRIVATE Lessons begin at $50 per couple~~Register Below 

30 minutes/$50
45 minutes/$75
60 minutes/$100
75 minutes/$125

Three Prepaid 60 Minute Private Lessons $265 
Invite a friend or family member $10 each additional person
 PayPal, Apple Cash, Checks are accepted. Cancellations are non refundable.


Available Appointments
Highlighted dates/times are booked

Sun 12/3 w/ ML @ 1:30p
Mon 12/4 w/ ML @ 6p
Tue 12/5 w/ BH @ 6:30p
Tue 12/5 w/ BH @ 7:30p
Wed 12/6 w/ BH @ 6:30p
Wed 12/6 w/ BH @ 7:30p
Sun 12/10 w/ ML @ 1:30p
Tue 12/12 w/ BH @ 6:30p
Tue 12/12 w/ BH @ 7:30p
Wed 12/13 w/ BH @ 6:30p
Wed 12/13 w/ BH @ 7:30p

Other dates may be available by special request. Complete form below to make request.

Attending/Planning an Event, Planning a Wedding, Taking a Cruise

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Only one person will be responsible for booking the appointment and payment for the entire party. 

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