DANCE 2 Studio

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Salsa     Learn the basic steps in Salsa - it's "spicy," hot & fun! 
A mixture with spicy turns & footwork. Salsa is a saucy up-tempo dance that is popular among all ages around the world. 

Rumba     One of our fave tunes:  #Beautiful - by Mariah Carey & Miguel
Romantic and practical, this slow dance works for everything from Latin to country or pop music. An easy dance with patterns that build off of the box step.

Cha Cha     One of our favorite tunes:  This Love - by Maroon 5
A fun & flirty dance great for Latin, funky club music or even slower country cha cha tunes. This Latin American dance is derived from the Rumba and Mambo.

Tango     Always a cool tango:  Somebody That I Used To Know - by Gotye
An American social ballroom version of the Argentine Tango that moves dramatically around the floor in a close embrace. If you can spell T-a-n-g-o, you can dance it!

Argentine Tango     One of our favorite bands:  Tango Mandragora
A flick, a gancho, sometimes a close held partner dance. Open to improvisation, this dance is the granddaddy of them all. We always say, if you can walk, you can Argentine Tango! This original Tango is an intimate dance with a distinctive style & flair.

Other Latin Dances we teach:
Merengue     Bachata     Samba     Cumbia     Zumba