DANCE 2 Studio

605-332-3700  Dance Ballroom & Studio  140 N Carla Ave in Tea SD

DANCE Ballet Class

Ballet (age 13+)

The benefits of ballet dancing extend beyond beauty and grace. Known as the “foundation” of learning other dance forms, the athleticism of ballet promotes flexibility and better posture while it sculpts, strengthens, and tones the body. It also develops poise, body awareness, refined movement, stamina, and attention to detail through self discipline, concentration, and the desire to excel.
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DANCE Hip Hop Class

Hip Hop & Jazz (age 13+)

Hip Hop was formerly danced freestyle as "jazz funk" and "street jazz" in the 1970's. This dynamic style of dance continues to evolve and gain respect - earning it's place alongside other styles of dance. Jazz dance represents a forever changing form of creative dance movement originating from the 1920’s. Continually evolving in style and appearance, Jazz remains a popular form of dance. The fun and athleticism of both these dance forms encompass a broad scope of innovative dance movement to a variety of music choices.
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DANCE Tap Dance Class

Tap (age 13+)

Using the feet as musical instruments, tap dancing has long been a fun and beneficial dance style that anyone can learn. Just like all forms of dance, tapping promotes strength, coordination, control, and cardiovascular conditioning in the body. Tap dancers develop refined movement of the feet and ankles as they dance to the rhythm and timing of virtually any music genre.
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