DANCE 2 Studio

605-332-3700  Dance Ballroom & Studio  140 N Carla Ave in Tea SD


Wedding Dance    Whether you are in the wedding or going to a wedding- we can help!
Most wedding receptions have a mix of music, so expect to dance a few different dance styles. Our Wedding Dance classes usually focus on Foxtrot (often called Two Step), which is a medium to slow-tempo dance. Often we'll teach another practical dance to get you started dancing and ready for your event!

FoxTrot     Just Haven't Met You Yet - by Michael Buble
Foxtrot is perfect for slow to medium-tempo tunes by Michael Buble or Colbie Calliat as well as yesterday's favorites by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Sometimes called Two Step, this dance is fun and easy to learn. We also teach lessons in Progressive Country Two Step, with lots of turns and spins.

Waltz        At This Moment - by Michael Buble
This beautiful dance was popular in Vienna, Austria in the early 19th century and has continued to evolve. DANCE teaches slow waltz using a box step to turn and float down the dance floor. We also teach Country Waltz, great for medium tempo waltz tunes.

Tango       Somebody That I Used To Know - by Gotye
An American Social Ballroom version of the Argentine Tango that moves dramatically around the floor in a close embrace. If you can spell T-a-n-g-o, you can dance it! 

Argentine Tango   One of our favorite Argentine Bands:  Tango Mandragora
A flick, a gancho, sometimes a close held partner dance. Open to improvisation, this dance is the granddaddy of them all. We always say, if you can walk, you can Argentine Tango! This original Tango is an intimate dance with a distinctive style & flair.

Viennese Waltz        A Thousand Years (from Twilight)- by Christina Perri
A much faster version of the ballroom Waltz. Totally romantic and beautiful as it turns and moves down the dance floor. Start with an Intro to Waltz class to learn the basics.

Nightclub (Nightclub Two Step)  Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum
A romantic dance perfect for slow music of any genre. Similar to Salsa, but smoother and more flowing with turns for both partners.